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To create a just, fair, democratic and educated society without every
kind of torture and violence.
Organization Profile

Iraj Education & Development Foundation is a non profit and non governmental organization working in the field of Education, child rights, Peace and human Rights.

It was set up by young sensitive group of Pakistanis to increase the degrading situation of human rights and education in Pakistan.

It is working since March 2001 in urban and ruler area of Pakistan. IEDF working under the Board of trustees.

The Board of Trustees approve polices and make any decision.

I t was register on 21st March 2001. The registration number is 3717.

Latest News

IEDF has worked on the philosophy and practices of Paulo Freire. IEDF, not only, translated books of Paulo Freire but also practice in the field.

IEDF trained core faculty of IDSP, SAHE and Action Aid in philosophy and practice of Paulo Freire